A M E R I C A N  E X P E R I M E N T




In January 1848, in the woods outside what would later be Sacramento, workers were building a sawmill next to the American River to support the nearby fort. On January 24th, at approximately 7:30 AM, James Marshall, the man in charge of constructing the mill, was performing his daily check of the progress and the water race that would power the mill. He saw something glitter in the race and after checking with fellow workers and his boss, John Sutter, they determined that it was in fact gold. 

They tried to hide the fact that gold was discovered but word got out across the country, fueling the push westwards into the Californian area. In just two years, this area would go from an unorganized territory to statehood, and further justify the expansion of the United States westward.


The EUREKA historical recreation will showcase this crucial moment in never-bafore-seen detail, accurately portraying the site of one of the greatest discoveries of the 19th Century. 


This recreation is currently work in progress and will be releasing soon.