We pride ourselves on the extensive research conducted by our team of dedicated researchers whose job is to make sure each recreation is as accurate as possible. By consulting as many physical and online sources as are available (such as university research libraries and state archives), sorting through thousands of reference images, and working with the leading experts in the relevant fields, we try our best to deliver as accurate a product as possible. Through this extensive effort, Ex Libris will offer academics, students, and curious individuals access to a 21st Century method of engaging with historical records.

Our mission of accuracy started in 2015 when our team was approached with the idea of converting a pre-existing film script about the Wright Brothers into a VR experience (called FIRST) to showcase the latest technology by AMD. Intrigued by this cutting-edge technology, we leveraged our years-long relationship with experts at the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum to create a pioneering virtual experience. Through close collaboration with AMD and a marketing partnership that saw FIRST exhibited at industry-leading events (E3, Comic Con, SIGGRAPH, etc.) FIRST received a tremendous amount of praise and attention for its concept and commitment to accurate historical representation. From this, we sought to focus further efforts on developing an entire slate of these accurate recreations. This dedication to history led to the formation of CGO Studios, and now to the historical brand of Ex Libris, which consolidates CGO's years of development and expert curation under one umbrella.

To maintain this uncompromising approach to accuracy, each Ex Libris experience has been thoroughly vetted by the world’s leading experts to ensure the utmost accuracy. Ex Libris curation partners include scholars and professors from organizations such as the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum, the Association of Holocaust Organizations, the Anne Frank Foundation, Cambridge University, and Harvard University.

While we always strive to provide THE most accurate recreation possible, conflicting sources and scant information are challenges that we inevitably face, as are the limited visual details for many historical events that either pre-date the widespread use of photography or are unfortunately lost to history. We are always looking to improve the historical accuracy of each of our experiences and are committed to making necessary changes in future versions if warranted.

High-Tech History

In addition to showcasing the most accurate content possible, Ex Libris also leverages cutting-edge technology to present each recration in new and engaging ways. Technologies such as motion capture allow for the nuances of human performance to come across  in action-focused experiences while other technologies such as videogrammetry or photogrammetry utilize actual photos to allow for unparalleled realism. These are all combined into a game engine, such as Unreal, to make each historical environment immersive, engaging, and interactive.